Our Work 

Local Procurement

We want to increase the proportion of the budgets of large institutions anchored in Devon which is spent on local goods and services, and thus supports the local economy. We also aim to identify the potential for new enterprises where there are gaps in the local supply chain, and eventually support start-ups to fill the gaps and to provide good jobs and environmental and social value. 

We began by reviewing cases studies and examples from elsewhere, and consolidating these into a reportWe also invited the experiences and wisdom of community groups, social enterprises, corporates, institutions and others as part of a seminar in the Autumn of 2019. 

Consultancy and Research 

We can share expertise and knowledge with social enterprises, businesses, institutions and others who are working to increase the commercial, social and environmental value of their work. 

We would be glad to share practice and support your work -- please get in touch to discuss. 

Future work ​


There are a number of other identified areas of work that we are exploring in collaboration. These include: 

  • Community Planning for long-term, place based economic justice and sustainability.  

  • Food and Framing: how can farmers market more produce locally, and what support can communities offer to local sustainable food producers?

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