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Coming soon: monthly meeting for 'Devon Councils and the Climate Emergency: Progress to Carbon Neutral 2030'. If you want to take part please email:

Bookings are live for the final session in our 'Community Wealth Building in Practice: a series of webinars sharing expertise and experience in Devon institutions. Book your tickets HERE. 

Tuesday March 2nd, 1- 2:30pm- Plural ownership patterns
Community Wealth Building benefits from fostering a variety of forms of local enterprises, including private and social businesses, community organisations, cooperatives and forms of municipal ownership. These have potential to be more economically generative within the local economy than large externally based organisations and businesses and ensure that economic gains are widely distributed. The session will also illustrate how partnership with VCE sector and other goal-aligned organisations can produce cost-effective solutions to service delivery, and explore how widening enterprise ownership can be achieved. With Daphne van Run of ESSENCE, Exeter’s Social Enterprise Network, and Jonathan Gordon Farleigh, Director and Co-founder of Stir to Action.

Past Events

On July 9th we held a webinar Investing in Our Place: Community Wealth Building stories from far and near, 9th where we discussed our new report and more.

On the same day we also held a fruitful open space session at the 'Regenerate Devon' called 'community wealth building in the climate emergency'. #RegenerateDevon


If you have any photos from our September seminar last year we would love to see them- please get in touch.

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